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Hi, so yeah like are you tired of having your boss being an asshole or smth?
Here's a list of things you can do to piss him off:
Spam his mail daily with haikus
Buy useless decoration with the company's money
Switch the caps on all the pens so no one knows which are which
Reenact the holocaust in the cafeteria
Greet potential investors by inserting a pencil into their eye
Switch the salt with the sugar and the pepper with gunpowder
Put laxatives into the boss's tea and switch the water in his tea with sulphuric acid
Use up all the toners on photocopies of your behind then stab a coworker
Coat all the teaspoons in potassium
Hide in the bathroom and circumcise everyone who enters it
Become employee of the month in all competing companies
On the night before a big meeting, amputate the hands of everyone in the boss's family
while they sleep so no one can operate a door handle and he'll arrive late
Please note that some people are light sleepers, so be careful
Give a bath to his cat and then put it in the microwave to dry
Sew a cheese grater into his underwear
Release a tiger into the cubicles
With the help of a helicopter, have a whale explode over the building
Convince the local priest that the boss and his family died in their home, so they wanted
to be cremated along with the house
In the cafeteria, offer the cutlery upside down so as to instigate an epidemic of confused
violent self-harm
Cut a hole in all his cups and bowls so that he'll die of dehydration
Bribe the head of state into calling him an asshole on air
Switch his hairdryer for a heat gun
Wire explosives into his alarm clock and toothbrush
Begin to hire terrorists in his office
Hope this list helped, have fun and be safe


from #2, released September 23, 2015




Kakashka Coimbra, Portugal

A thing done by andrey and fonseca. We don't play live shows, but might at some point. Also the dates on the releases are all wrong. All covers contain Kakashka in them in case you forget what you are listening to.

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