Yellow Fiat Punto

from by Kakashka

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Engine oil spilt over the kitchen today
Pleb gas stank in toilet and mom is away
From the toilet and, well, also from the rest of the house too
So I, like
Follow the trail heading out of the hole in the wall
That's the yellow Fiat Punto shaped hole in the wall
All the way up to the fucking free parking lot
And wouldn't you have it that she was there fucking creaking
Like nobody's business, I heard less creaking
From the beds of the orphans at night that I watch and I fap to
No homo, I swear
And I look
Into her windows, she's enabling someone night stand
Mickey Mouse, Crack Kid, Mickey's getting a hand-
-job n' I can't look but I must look
n' I can't look but I wanna
n' I can't look but I need to look
n' I can't look but I gotta
n' I can't look but I gotta cum
n' I can't look
Man, mom, what the fuck, not again
You've been like this since 2010
You used to remind champagne
Now the gas Total'd your brain
Woody Allen please save me now
With your godly filmic know-how
My mother's going rusty
And something something something something
Yellow Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto
Business done I'm currently back at home
I see a car seat donning a line of foam
The toothpaste tastes like my own cum as I stand by the mirror
I go to the freezer to get the family album
It's all photos of my mom, the Fiat Punto
And I gotta say damn is she a slut
But I
Then locate an actual photo of me
As a car seat headrest aged three
And it's clear that everyone is happy except me at the rollercoaster
Man, mom, you take me to the store
I gotta buy the thing, maybe four
Okay son I'll drive you there
Where you can buy the thing you want fair and square
But tell me son, you sure that's the way?
Yeah, that deadly cliff looks A-okay
And something something something something
Yellow Fiat Punto


from #2, released September 23, 2015




Kakashka Coimbra, Portugal

A thing done by andrey and fonseca. We don't play live shows, but might at some point. Also the dates on the releases are all wrong. All covers contain Kakashka in them in case you forget what you are listening to.

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